Video Marketing Strategy: Harness the Power of Online Video to Drive Brand Growth

Video is the single most effective tool that marketers have to raise brand awareness, increase sales, drive website traffic and deliver ROI on marketing budgets. Driven by consumer demand and with the backing of the largest social media platforms, our world is becoming ‘video first’. Video Marketing Strategy allows marketers to harness the power of video and create effective video campaigns. This in-depth look at the world’s most powerful medium helps brands to radically magnify their voice by tapping into a level of emotional engagement that can’t be achieved any other way. The book explores both theory (why are humans so affected by video on mobile devices?) and practice (what’s the key to making videos that deliver results?). It looks at how multiple videos form wider campaigns and covers content hubs, activation strategies and testing. It is filled with invaluable advice, tips and strategies for incorporating video into a wider content marketing plan.

Community Review  

  • We can’t even start to tell you how much this book has helped us! We are a small company in the holistic health field and wanted to start a series of videos for YouTube to show what we do and how we do it. We are very passionate about the products we use but watching other YouTube videos trying to explain this product, we almost fell asleep. Good for us. Now we have the chance to do a much better job!
    We already had great equipment, 2 cameras, chromakey screen, external microphones, lighting etc. But this all doesn’t count if you don’t know what you are doing.
    So, before even starting to shoot, we wanted to learn the how-to on video-making and boy, does this book deliver!!! (Be advised, this book does NOT tell you what equipment to use, there are tons of other books and websites out there for this.)
    What we learned with this book, was to make an entertaining video, with a clear start,middle,end story. Also the fact, that scenes have to change every 5-10 seconds was huge for us. What a difference this makes! We now will use the 2 cameras, one for close-ups and the other one for the interview set-up (2 people sitting). We will also use still pictures (e.g. of products, people etc) to be shown during talks. This is going to make it so much more interesting. Who want’s to really look at 2 people just talking for 2 minutes? Boring!
    We also learned to break the content of the videos in parts. Instead of going on and on about what ALL this product can do, we will make different videos for each use.
    Great videography is an art. It can’t be learned in one day. We will practice and we will have to develop the skills. Thanks to this book, our learning curve will be much shorter!
    We can’t thank Steve Stockman enough for disclosing all his tips and tricks!!!
  • With a title this blunt, you had better deliver, and Mr. Stockman does a really good job of getting his point across with humor and insights into what will keep an audience’s attention. As he says in the book, he doesn’t get into how cameras work, settings, or anything of that nature. There are other technical manuals out there if you want to tap into your inner cinematographer. What he does in this book is explain how shots work together to make up something that people want to see. How to frame your shot, how long a shot should last, how close you should be to your subject — these are the things that will keep people watching (assuming you have a camera that can obtain and keep focus). It’s worth a read for sure, and I think it’s a good starting point for anyone looking to move into video. It will at least get you thinking about your work, and how to maintain a viewer’s interest.
  • I’ve been using a video camera as part of my job for almost forty years. From film to digital, I’ve used one almost every day, and at the end of each performance run (acting troupe) or semester (drama students), I (made) tapes or (now) burn discs. With the help of this book, the discs now, although they’re supposed to be straight-on live theatre performances, are more interesting to watch. If I were to make something for YouTube again, or try to make my own short subject again, it would be just so much better.
    Information on angles, lighting, etc., all make sense from a practical and an artistic point of view, and the “dont’s” are invaluable. This really is a smart book. I wish everybody who sticks video of themselves up on YouTube and other sites would read it!
  • Tons of great info. It will help you start making better videos right away. There is a section that gives you the most useful tips all in one place for those that are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the entire book. My videos got much better after I started to read this book.
    I like this book so much I got the audio version too for those times I am not able to read the book. I may get the Kindle version too so I can highlight my favorite sections and always have the book with me to use as a reference.
    The author has a website with lots of examples for great videos so you can see the results of the things he teaches you.
    The book does not talk about which camera or lens to use. He says you can use just about any camera and still get great results. He teaches you what is interesting and what is boring and explains in layman’s terms how to make your videos more interesting. He covers everything from home videos, vacation videos, college resume videos, music videos, corporate videos, birthday parties, recitals, weddings and graduation videos, etc…
  • I read this book over a year ago before I shot video for my niece’s wedding (it doesn’t take a long time to read). This book really helped. It’s not about the settings on your camera or anything like that, and it’s focused on the practical. It’s about how to think about the shots and how to put together a video that you’ll actually like watching. The other thing I did after reading this book was to pay more attention to the video work on TV – from sports and news to entertainment shows. I used a trial copy of Adobe Premier Pro to edit the video (I really liked Premiere Pro a lot). I created a version that was less than 5 minutes (set to the song from their first dance) and a 90-minute version that captured the ceremony and the reception. The result won’t win any awards, but it was far better than it would have been otherwise and good enough that I am proud of it (i.e., I would gladly show it to people, and they liked it).


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